FarmVille: Another Birthday Gift comes to the free gifts page way too late


So, the FarmVille second birthday celebration may be long over, but it seems like Zynga forgot to release one of the free Birthday Gifts while it was still going on. You see, a fourth Birthday Gift has appeared on the game's free gifts page, but the gifts inside seem to just be re-releases of other things we've already been able to stock up on.

If, for whatever reason, you still want more Rainbow Apple Trees, Party Ducks, or Birthday Fireworks, you can once again send and ask for these mystery Birthday Gifts to/from friends. Here's the complete list of confirmed possible prizes, according to FVNation.

Durian Tree
Birthday Sheep
Arjuna Tree
B-Day Fireworks
Heart Teddy
Rainbow Apple Tree
Party Duck

No Love Potions have been found so far, which lessens the value of these boxes even more, if we're being honest. There's no telling how long this gift will be available to send, so make sure to do so fast if you know of friends who still need any of these items.

What do you think of this newest Birthday Gift? Do you already have plenty of all of the items inside? Let us know in the comments.