Civilzation creator Sid Meier: CivWorld is 'where it needs to be'

Sid Meier
Sid Meier

So, does that mean the CivWorld "Beta" tag is going away soon? In a lengthy interview with Gamasutra, Civilization creator Sid Meier (pictured in-game) revealed much about the blood, sweat and carpal tunnel that went into creating CivWorld.

The game launched in an open beta recently, and has since enjoyed mixed reviews, some of which deeming the game too complex with a clunky interface. However, Mr. Meier doesn't seem too spooked about it.

"If we're only finding out at this stage, then there's something wrong with our development process," Meier replied when asked about how Firaxis will use metrics to improve its game. "We think we have a game that's pretty close to where it needs to be. I think the analytics are maybe about financing or figuring out kind of additional directions to go." In fact, Meier admitted to not recording much of the analytic data that other social game companies live for such as measuring clicks.

That seems to imply that CivWorld will not enjoy as many tweaks or fixes as most social games experience almost daily. That's because most social games release first and make changes later, thus the absurdly lengthy "Beta" periods. For instance, Zynga just recently removed the "Beta" tag from its most iconic game, FarmVille. The game released two years ago. And if you think that CivWorld is too different from other Facebook games, that was kind of the point.

"It was really not our goal to re-create or copy other Facebook games around there," Meier told Gamasutra. "I think we're very early in the whole cycle of social gaming, and there's a lot of space to be explored, not just the games that are already out there." CivWorld currently has over 15 thousand monthly players, but is actually losing players since launching into open beta, according to AppData. We'll see soon enough how that strategy worked out.

[Image Credit: Firaxis]

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