CityVille: New summertime items are all available for coins


I'm almost speechless here, folks (almost). A new set of summer-themed items has been released in CityVille and, believe it or not, none of them are premium; they can all be purchased for coins! There's a single new business here: the Jet Ski Shop, which is such a cute building that I'm thrilled I don't have to spend any City Cash to add it to my town. It costs 9,000 coins, and requires 140 Goods to operate. By default, the payout is 700 coins, but remember, you can earn more if you boost that payout percentage with decorations.

Speaking of, there are three new decorations here as well. One, the Kids' Ball Pit, costs 10,000 coins, but also provides a 4% payout bonus, which isn't bad. Likewise, a Drummers item costs the same amount, and also offers the 4% bonus. Finally, a small Metal Detector decorative citizen is available for 1,000 coins. As you might expect, this low price equals a low bonus of just 1%.

Rounding out this release is the Beach Hut, a new home that's available for 10,000 coins. The home starts with a population of 120 citizens, but that can be increased to 250 via random upgrades in the future. In terms of rent, this one is a fast-payout, although the profits are small: 15 coins every five minutes.

Luckily, none of these items comes with time limits, so if you've yet to start setting aside an area of your town for these summer-themed items, you'll at least have plenty of time to do so in the future. Since all of these items were available for coins, does it mean that Zynga is finally listening to users who were complaining about too many City Cash items / features, or is this a coincidence? We can only hope this is a new positive trend, but we'll make sure to let you know either way.

[Image Credit: Zynga]

What do you think of today's summertime item release? Are you happy to see nothing but coin items here, or are you fine spending City Cash for new decorations and items? Sound off in the comments.