Cafe World Becky Barista and Beverly Bartender: Everything you need to know


Upon checking into Cafe World today, you might have noticed the Now Hiring signs that have appeared above your Drink Bar and Coffee Machine. For months now, many users have been begging for Zynga to release an automatic dispense system for drinks and coffee when patrons enter your cafe (that is, so they don't have to waste time clicking on guests individually), and these Now Hiring signs will help that wish become a reality. You see, Becky and Beverly are looking for work. These sisters share a passion for drinks, and you'll be able to hire Becky to work at your Coffee Machine, while Beverly takes over bartending at the Drink Bar.

Hiring these girls, however, is something a bit more complicated than just wishing it, as you'll need to collect tons of building ingredients, along with completing a series of goals to do so. The Becky the Barista goals come in five parts, but you'll be able to unlock new, exclusive recipes for completing them (like Biscotti). The first goal has you simply building the Coffee Machine if you haven't already, along with serving 40 Jammin' Jelly Donuts and actually hiring Becky.

The latter task can be done by clicking on your Coffee Bar and clicking on the new "Get Barista!" tab. From there, you'll need to collect a series of four ingredients to hire her: three Coffee Grinders, five Aprons, eight Sugar Packets, and ten Coffee Stirrers.

Likewise, the process for hiring Beverly the Bartender is incredibly similar, save for the fact that Becky doesn't seem to have her own goal set, as of this writing. To hire Beverly, head into your Drink Bar, click on the Get Bartender! tab and then ask your friends to send you five Drink Books, five Bottle Openers, eight Blenders, and ten Toothpick Umbrellas.

Once either girl has been hired, you'll no longer have to click on guests to serve them drinks or coffee (depending on which you've hired, if not both). Some users on the Cafe World forums are reporting that some initial bugs are present here, in that you may not be able to create any future drinks after serving the first batch, as the game things there are still servings remaining. This seems to be only a glitch, however, so we assume Zynga will fix it rather quickly.

While we may have wanted a new way to automatically serve our drinks, does that convenience really justify two entirely new building projects and a new goal series? That much remains to be seen (that is, whether or not users will even take the time to complete them, or will just continue as normal). Should the hiring process become any easier, however, we'll make sure to let you know.

Have you started work on hiring Beverly or Becky in your Cafe? Do you think hiring these two girls will make your life easier, or will the lack of the ability to manually serve your guests actually remove some of the fun you have with the game? Sound off in the comments.

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