AirAsia Breaks More Records With Airbus Purchase

AirAsia has announced plans to purchase 100 Airbus A320neo jets in addition to the record-breaking 200 the airline ordered last month, making it Airbus' biggest customer and one of the most rapidly expanding airlines in the world.

The order puts pressure on Boeing to clarify its plans to compete with its French rival and illustrates the growing dominance of the Asian market.

A top official with the Malaysia-based airline told AFP that AirAsia, a budget carrier similar to RyanAir, plans to operate at least 500 planes.

The original order for 200 jets was announced at the Paris Air Show in June. That deal was already the largest purchase in commercial aviation history, worth some $18.2 billion. The additional order would up the value of the deal to an even $27 billion.

Both Boeing and Airbus arrived in Paris looking to court growing airlines with new aircraft geared towards the Asian market. Boeing met with little success.

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