Zynga serves food for lunch you can't even get in FarmVille

Zynga lunches
Zynga lunches

Well, at least we know they're fed well. In a Wall Street Journal report regarding the perks of being part of the supposed second tech bubble, Zynga was found to serve daily lunches and dinners to its employees with some fairly exorbitant condiments:

Zynga Inc., which filed for an initial public offering on Friday, serves lunch and dinner daily to its employees, using specialty ingredients like wasabi oil, Japanese Kewpie mayonnaise and pine cone syrup as well as locally sourced produce. The social gaming company has said that its goal is to offer sustainable and fresh food rather than be flashy or excessive.

I guess that's what you get for working at a $20 billion company. Zynga filed for IPO last week, and looks to raise another $1 billion to make it potentially the most valuable games company in the world. And with numbers like that, we hope the Kobe beef steaks are grilling next to that chocolate fountain.

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[Image Credit: Erin Kunkel]

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