Zynga fixes FarmVille One Click Sharing, but kind of misses the point

FarmVille One Click Sharing
FarmVille One Click Sharing

Farmers, rejoice--wait, no, it's a false alarm. Zynga reported recently that it has "fixed" the dubious One Click Sharing feature in FarmVille. However, the developer seems to have glanced over one major, glaring detail--lined in neon lights and break dancing in the middle of the forums. Here's what was fixed right from the, um, developer's mouth:

  • If you already accepted the One Click Sharing option, you should automatically have it again.

  • There is a 25 quick post limit. After hitting the limit, posting will revert back to old fashioned way.

  • If a player has rejected the One Click Sharing option, you'll get another chance to opt-in this feature within 2 weeks.

Hmm, something seems to be missing here. That's it, you still can't choose who you share News Feeds with through the One Click Sharing option. And for icing on the cake, Zynga actually seems to have reduced its benefit to just 25 posts daily. And the forums will explode in the nerdiest of rages in five, four, three ...

[Source: Zynga]

[Via and Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

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