TSA Warns Airlines Terrorists May Surgically Implant Bombs


The Department of Homeland Security has warned the TSA that terrorist groups may be working to surgically implant explosives into would-be suicide bombers.

Rumors of similar plots have been circulating for some time - in March The Sun reported that Al Qaeda was planning to an exploding breast implant offensive - but security officials are claiming terrorists are placing a renewed emphasis on surgery.

Travelers coming to the U.S. from abroad can expect additional screening at the airport, and for those with fake hips or other legit implants, be warned, it could be a long day at the airport.

As TSA searches have become more invasive, the administration has become a punching bag for politicians and just about everyone else.

The potentially extremely invasive screening that would doubtless be involved in checking travelers for items sewn into their skin, makes this warning perhaps the best argument to date for new screening/scanning technologies to be fast-tracked.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the so-called underwear bomber, tried to detonate an explosive stashed in his skivvies on a Northwest flight to Detroit in 2009, but failed when his bomb didn't detonate. The problem, it seemed, was incompetence.

Whether or not there is a group of terrorists both willing and competent enough to surgically implant a working bomb in themselves or a "mule" traveler is an unknown, but the TSA will surely bend its no-profiling policy in order to pay more attention to unusually lumpy-skinned passengers.

What this means for people with metallic implants, we can only sympathize.

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