Today's Head-Scratcher: Ellen, Portia Raise Home's Price


Today's head-scratcher is that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi have raised the asking price of their Beverly Hills home by almost 15 percent -- from $55 million to a cool $63 million. Did the sale of Jennifer Aniston's place in nearby Trousdale Estates get them thinking they should have asked more? Is the Beverly Hills market seeing a rebound and are prices climbing again? Or is it that, deep down, they really don't want to sell and this is a way to ensure that they won't?

No explanation was offered from the Westside Estate Agency, which has the listing (the agency's website notes that the price is "available upon request"). But our money is on the first two. When Aniston listed her home at $42 million, Doubting Thomases -- both private and public -- lined up to ridicule her pie-in-the-sky asking price. When she sold the home for what's been reported as between $37 million to $38 million -- a price-per-square-footage record for the area -- the DTs crawled back into the woodwork.