Has the BBB Been Selling 'A' Ratings?


The Better Business Bureau's slogan is "Start with Trust" -- but not so fast. It seems the BBB has inherent conflicts of interest, at least for an organization that has always positioned itself as a go-to source for consumers looking for unbiased ratings. The BBB is not a government agency and their vetting or verification process is largely unknown. On the flip side, its membership sales process has been known to be aggressive. And that's where allegedly blurred lines are raising questions about what it takes to "earn" an A from the BBB, and whether you can -- or worse yet, have to -- pay to improve your rating.

We asked the Better Business Bureau for an on-the-record comment. "There have been mistakes made," said a spokesperson. To their credit, the bureau confirmed it has revisited its 16-point evaluation process. Good move, and hopefully a sign of better objectivity in the future from the Better Business Bureau.