FrontierVille Pioneer Trail Sneak Peek: Avalanche Pass is a dangerous shortcut


When trying to make your way through FrontierVille's upcoming Pioneer Trail expansion, you'll apparently have the option of taking a shortcut through a section of the map known as Avalanche Pass. If the name doesn't make it clear enough, this cold, snow-covered environment poses a real threat, as avalanches will apparently trap players, requiring them to dig themselves out before they can get going again.

Of course, our prediction (as usual), is based off of a cryptic hint from Zynga: "Folks on the Pioneer Trail say you can save time by takin' a shortcut through the mountains. When you head on out soon you better get through the Avalanche Pass 'fore the blizzards blow in! Otherwise, bring a snow shovel... or ten!"

The most obvious explanation for this would be that we'd need to ask friends to help dig us out, either by forming a rescue team or simply sending us shovels, but we'll hold out a bit of hope that it's something more complex than that. Either way, it's interesting to see this full scope of seasons and natural environments being represented in Pioneer Trail (from the lush Beaver Valley to the arid High Plains), as it will help for more gameplay variety (which I have a sinking feeling might be needed). We'll make sure to bring you more details about this upcoming expansion as we know more, so keep checking back.

What do you think of Avalanche Pass? Do you think it will be mandatory for users to become stuck in an avalanche, or will it be an entirely random gameplay outcome based on your other decisions on the trail? Speculate with us in the comments.

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