Empires & Allies update lets players sell planes, people and more


Aw, it's just like the military contractor market in the real world, only it doesn't end in real deaths. Now that you're nice and depressed, we're happy to cheer you up with the news that Zynga has allowed Empires & Allies players to sell their military units.

Now you can put those nifty Dragon Boats or that prized Howitzer on sale for a pretty penny--err--Coin. However, Zynga determines the price of all things sold on the Market, so no insider trading for you.

There is a slew of changes to the game including better mouse-over tool tips that provide more information, speedier load times and more. (Zynga even gave Scarlett a makeover!) Here is the full list of changes, thanks to Zynga:


  • You can now buy and sell units on the Market!

  • Beefed up the mouseover tool tips to make it easier to see what's going on in your island.


  • Altered the "Kill X with Y" military quest chains to have simpler goals.

  • Fixed a bug with the cool downs for some gifts and requests.

  • Fixed a number of pesky OOS issues.

  • Load-time optimization for faster gameplay.

  • Brightened up Scarlett's facial expression on the Independence Week intro screen. She looked a little glum.

Tank for Sale
Tank for Sale

[Source: Zynga]

[Image Credits: Zynga, William Kent Inc]

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