Eminem has a Facebook game--way to keep it gangsta, Slim Shady

Bad Meets Evil
Bad Meets Evil

Aspiring thugs, the new way to show you're 100 percent gangsta has arrived: Eminem has launched his very own Facebook game. Titled Bad Meets Evil to match the name of Eminem's side project, the game is designed to promote Hell: The Sequel, a recently released EP by the duo.

But what you get is the rappers essentially shouting obscenities in your ear as you stab random passerby on your journey to Hell. That's the goal: to become so evil you reach the fiery pits of Hades. (This ought to be fun.)

Well, that and to get you hyped enough about Eminem to buy his new EP from iTunes. At any rate, the game operates like your standard fare with an energy resource that depletes as you search for Skulls, the game's primary currency, to kill random fellows walking down the street.

This increases your level and access to new weapons and gear with Cash, the game's standard currency. However, fighting your friends and random computer-controlled characters (asynchronously, of course) costs Skulls that can only be filled with Facebook Credits or by using more Energy to search through objects.

Bad Meets Evil Combat
Bad Meets Evil Combat

It should go without saying, but to cover our bases, this game is absolutely NSFW for more reasons than we can count. Honestly, the number one reason Bad Meets Evil is NSFW is because we can't possibly think of ways for you to explain when your boss walks by and notices that your screen reads, "Shank that motherfucker!"

While highly interactive with its own battle system, featuring fully customizable characters and smooth animations by developer Grab Games, Bad Meets Evil appears to be more of a set piece for Eminem and his music than anything else. In fact, almost every environment within the game has a video screen that can play either promotional content or Eminem's music videos. So, if you want to hear some of Eminem's new tracks while stabbing a few dudes, give it a go, I guess.

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