Cafe World Eat Great Late Goals: Everything you need to know


According to Zynga, it's about time that Cafe World celebrated late-night eaters, as they've released a set of five Eat Great Late goals that will introduce you not only to some new decorations, but also a new recipe that will help you (err, your cafe's guests) stay up late enough to enjoy a few midnight snacks of their own.

These goals are named appropriately Eat Great Late I, II and so on. Here's a complete guide to finishing them.

Eat Great Late I:

Cook Bacon and Eggs 5 Times
Cook Belgian Waffles 5 Times
Serve Blood Sausage 5 Times

Keep an eye on the wording here, as you shouldn't have to wait for the Bacon and Eggs or Belgian Waffles to actually finish cooking - you just need to start the cooking process. Meanwhile, the Blood Sausage can either be served directly out of your gift box, or you can cook it and wait for it to finish six hours later. For finishing this first goal, you'll receive a free "Now Open Late" neon sign decoration for your cafe.

Eat Great Late II:

Serve Mike's Mystical Pizza 15 Times
Serve Ice Cream Sundae 20 Times
Ask for 10 Energy Drinks

Mike's Mystical Pizza cooks in 11 hours, while Ice Cream Sundaes take 18 hours. While those are cooking, you can ask your friends to send you the Energy Drinks as you would any other collectible item in goals. For completing this goal, you'll receive 1,000 coins and 250 Cafe Points.

Eat Great Late III:

Serve Hot Dog and Garlic Fries 50 Times
Serve Fiery Fish Tacos 30 Times
Ask for 15 Coffee Mugs

Hot Dog and Garlic Fries take just five minutes to cook, while Fiery Fish Tacos take a bit longer, at two hours. Finish this goal and you'll be rewarded with a six Late Night Chairs - recliners, of course.

Eat Great Late IV:

Serve Jammin' Jelly Donuts 75 Times
Ask for 10 Honey
Ask for 10 Oats

Yep, ask your friends to send you the Honey and Oats, and then wait the 20 minutes it takes for the donuts to cook. All fairly self-explanatory here. The reward for this one is a bit exciting though - the Homemade Energy Bar recipe that I mentioned earlier. As of this writing, you can only earn that dish through this goal series, so hop to it!

Eat Great Late V:

Reach Level 1 Mastery of Homemade Energy Bar
Spice 5 Neighbors' Stoves
Ask for 15 Energy Drinks

Luckily, by visiting those friends, you'll likely earn spices that will help you speed up your Energy Bars and master them faster. Once you finish this goal, not only will you have reached the end of the entire goal series, but you'll also receive three Automatic Doors - a decoration that will give your guests a more high-tech way to enter your cafe.

All told, these goals are fairly average in their complexity and difficulty, so if all you care about is this exclusive new Energy Bar recipe, you should be able to unlock it without too much of a headache. If only the same could be said about everything else in Cafe World...

What do you think of these Eat Great Late goals? Would you like to see more independent goal series released, that don't have anything to do with particular appliances? Sound off in the comments.