Building the FarmVille Sand Castle: Everything you need to know

FarmVille Sand Castle
FarmVille Sand Castle

Who cares if summer started nearly a month ago, let's get it started now in FarmVille. The Sand Castle has arrived in the game, and it's the only way to get some of this year's summer-themed items.

So, it would be in your best interest to go ahead and build it, okay? (Hey, we're pushy because we love you.) Besides, it's not even that tough to build--you'll be fine.

The first step to building the Sand Castle is placing it (duh?). So, once you receive the welcome screen for this feature, you will be thrown into placement mode, just like previous gift container features. If you decide not to place it immediately, it'll hang in your Gift Box until you're ready to go.

Once you open the Sand Castle, you'll see a bunch of options and rewards to fawn over. The most important are "Send Beach Toys" and "Ask for More," and we're fairly certain you can guess what those do. These Beach Toys are what you need to fill this Sand Castle meter up to 150 and redeem all of the fresh items. Each reward requires a certain amount of Beach Toys to redeem, and are as follows:

Sand Castle Menu
Sand Castle Menu
  • Beach Umbrella: 5 Beach Toys

  • Beach Chair: 10 Beach Toys

  • Beach Hut: 35 Beach Toys

  • Poolside Pig: 75 Beach Toys

  • Scuba Sheep: 100 Beach Toys

  • Lifeguard Tower: 150 Beach Toys

There are five different varieties of Beach Toys, but they all serve the same purpose of adding to your Sand Castle, which will transform over time according to how many Beach Toys are inside. To put a Beach Toy into your Sand Castle, just click on one in your Gift Box and "Use," then click on the Sand Castle. And remember, you can add Beach Toys even after reaching the 150 item limit, so expect more shore-like items in the Sand Castle in the future.

[Source and Image Credit: Zynga]

Have you started building your Sand Castle yet? Where in the real world do you plan on building a real sand castle this summer? Share with us in the comments. Add Comment.