Armored Van Drivers Lose a Million Euros

Armored Van Drivers How can three bags containing nearly a million Euros simply vanish from an armored truck while it's traveling the autobahn? That's what German authorities are trying to figure out. Those who were in the van are baffled, since an alarm goes off when a door is opened, and they heard no such signal. Still, they arrived at their destination three money bags short of a full load.

Police believe there's a chance the bags may have fallen out of the van as it was driven, but they're also looking into the possibility that they were stolen.

At first it was assumed that only one bag was missing, but then they realized that three bags were. Reports say the van was "turned around" about 12 miles shy of its destination.

Maybe it's not surprising that nothing has turned up in a wide-scale search for the bags, which are about 16 inches high. Police are now seeking witnesses who might have seen the van.

Spiegel Online reports police spokesman Karl-Heinz Schmitt as saying that he had never come across the loss of such a large sum of money in 15 years on the force.

Regardless of whether the money was stolen or lost, the security company employees manning the van have to be in a world of stress and pain right now. Their employers are doubtless asking how 3 million euros can vanish on their watch. Either they weren't doing their jobs of protecting the cash well enough, or the thieves were better at their profession. It doesn't look good for them either way.

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