WildTangent grows from bloatware to social games platform


Remember that weird application that you've had to remove from every PC you've owned. That annoying purple "W" is known as WildTangent, a casual games service that is tacked onto 85 percent of PCs today that has just entered the social games space.

AllThingsD reports the top five online gaming platform has added Facebook-connected social games to its repertoire. In fact, the company has signed on some pretty big games in the biz, namely CrowdStar's It Girl.

According to AllThingsD, the website brings in 20 million players monthly, which is certainly impressive for a competitor. That is, if you would consider 20 million against 250 million competition.

That sounds like a burn, but its simply a sad reality of the social games scene. AllThingsD ponders whether WildTangent, or better yet Google+, will become competitors to Facebook's game platform.

It Girl on WildTangent
It Girl on WildTangent

Though, we're forgetting how Facebook has tightened the reigns on developers, forcing them to price match virtual goods to Facebook Credits in other platforms so as to keep them around. While there's all the more reason to leave Facebook for some developers, some developers like Zynga has all the more reason to stick around.

Until a competitor swoops in and saves the day, social games are dependent on Facebook more than ever. But in order for another platform to thrive until the point of becoming a worthy opponent for Facebook, they must amass users. It's an ugly, unforgiving cycle you've created, Facebook.

[Image Credits: WildTangent]

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