Stressed and Distracted? Your Finances Could Suffer


Two new studies suggest that your mental state – specifically being distracted and experiencing stress – can have a serious, negative impact on your finances.

Northwestern Mutual recently surveyed 1,000 Americans 25 and older to analyze their financial tenacity and self-discipline. Not surprisingly, the bulk of those polled admitted they were lagging in those areas.

Stressed worker
Stressed worker

According to the "Stick With It" study, three out of four Americans (74%) feel that today's fast-paced society makes it tougher for them to focus and remain on track when it came to achieving long-term goals.

If being distracted by today's demands – whether it's family obligations, friends on Facebook, work or even leisure activities – takes our focus off long-term objectives like saving for retirement, it's little wonder that the vast majority of Americans haven't saved enough for the future.

But even in a culture where everything around us is getting more immediate, the news isn't all bad.