Snake Traveling Independently on Japanese Train Inconveniences Other Passengers

A Tokyo-bound train had to be halted Monday as animal control workers captured a three-foot long snake that was wriggling freely around one of the compartments.

The fancy loose and foot free reptile, believed to be a non-poisonous Honduran Milk Snake, was captured by the staff of a nearby animal protection center Monday morning at Maibara Station, the Japan Times reported. The station is the next stop after Kyoto for Tokyo-bound bullet trains.

It is suspected the snake belonged to a passenger who failed to notice their pet had slithered its way out of its cage. Police are still searching for the no doubt distressed snake owner.

None of the 200 passengers were harmed by the brightly-colored snake or in the rush to get away from it.

Besides small birds or fish, animals are prohibited on Japan Railway Company trains.

The snake on a train was merely the latest iteration of what seems to be becoming a popular genre of travel story, the nasty-animal-taking-inappropriate-mode-of-transport tale. A scorpion and rats were recently found onboard two planes and Donald Trump even has his own jet.

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