Nintendo gives in to 'free' with new iPhone, Android Pokemon game

Pokemon iPhone GameAn official, freePokémon app (created by Nintendo) is coming to iPhones and Android phones this summer, Kotaku reports. Read that sentence again, and if you know anything about Nintendo, you'll know that this is huge.

In essence, this will be the first Pokemon game (and perhaps the first Nintendo property) to release on a competitor's platform. The is roughly translated from Japanese as "Pokémon Say Tap? BW," and it will rely heavily on music in a Pokémon timing game.

And did we mention that the game will be free. As in, cost no money and probably have to rely on either advertisements or micro-transactions to be profitable?

Wait, didn't Nintendo president Satoru Iwata just finish denouncing free as a bad move for Nintendo (but social is okay)--so much so that he proverbially hammered the final nail in the coffin in saying, "There are great examples of advertising and doing the micro-transactions, and several companies who have come up with that kind of system. But on the other hand, if you ask me, is this the system that can be sustained for the long time?" Why yes, yes he did say that.

Pokemon Say Tap

[Source and Image Credit: Kotaku Japan]

Are you going to download the Pokémon game for your mobile phone when it launches this summer? Do you think Nintendo has already shifted its opinion, and what else would you like to see from the company on mobile, etc? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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