How Small Can You Go? Tiny Houses Are the Future


The idea of living in small spaces has been around since the caveman. By partitioning off a small area of his cave for sleeping, he was able to heat it more efficiently. Of course, he didn't have 20 pairs of shoes to worry about, but minimalistic living is an idea that is returning to popular culture with a vengeance.

Small space living runs from the ridiculous to the sublime. If this 700-square-foot house (pictured at left) built from two shipping containers in Sri Lanka doesn't fit the bill, perhaps this six-room 420-square-foot backyard cottage (above) will. Or will the one-of-a-kind, green-designed pre-fab home (below left) by Ecofabulous rock your boat? It's being auctioned on eBay on July 15 with the proceeds going to Global Green USA. It's 520 square feet and made entirely of eco-friendly and recycled materials, including tile and glass for the countertops and renewable cork flooring.

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