Rumor: Google to charge game developers 20 percent, undercut Facebook

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Hey man, this is business. Gamezebo reports, citing three unnamed sources, that Google plans to take just a 20 percent cut from game developers' micro-transaction offerings through the upcoming Google+ network.

As you might already know, Facebook charges its game developers 30 percent of all virtual goods purchases. In other words, smooth moves, Google ... sort of.

But while a tinier fee will certainly be appealing to many a developer from the get-go, what about those little things we call players? Ah yes, this will remain the ultimate hurdle for any new social games platform to surmount. Social game developers, in response to Google's rumored undercutting, will have to make a choice between more money now or more money later.

Because, let's face it: Google Games might offer more money for developers from the start, but it'll need the massive player base from then on to match the type of money creators can potentially make on Facebook.

Not to mention that existing developers like Zynga and Playfish won't exactly be too keen on hurrying over to Google+, forcing their existing player base to adapt to a brand new network. A network that doesn't use Facebook Connect. Smooth moves, yes, but perhaps not smooth enough.

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