FrontierVille Pioneer Trail Sneak Peek: Hire a Bucket Brigade to extinguish prairie fires


It looks like FrontierVille's Pioneer Trail will include quite the element of danger, as the High Plains are more than just a pretty section to the map. With the dry desert heat comes the potential for fire, and by the looks of things, you're going to run into one or more on your journey.

With Zynga's newest sneak peek, we see that we'll come across prairie fires, and will need to gather as many friends as possible to help douse the flames when things get hot. Here's the full snippet: "The Plains are drier than tinder, and it sounds like there's a real danger of a prairie fire! In a few weeks you'll be out that way. Better stay in touch with the bucket brigade – you'll need lots of friends when things heat up on the Trail."

A Bucket Brigade, eh? Is it just me, or does this scream of something that will have us asking our friends to send us buckets of water? Or, perhaps we'll have to ask friends to simply stand in line, as we all pass buckets of water from person to person from the river. Whatever the case, we're not sure (yet) whether or not these fires will simply provide some sort of additional gameplay element that's random and voluntary, or if the fires could have a real effect on our progress. Once we know more, though, we'll make sure to pass it along.

[Image Credit: Zynga]

Are you getting excited for the launch of the Pioneer Trail in FrontierVille? What sort of gameplay feature do you hope these prairie fires introduce? Speculate with us in the comments!