FrontierVille: Unlock Chili Peppers to spice up your Homestead


Along with the new Birch Still goals and building comes a new crop to FrontierVille. While we mentioned this Chili Peppers crop in passing earlier today, did you know that you actually have to complete said goals to even be able to plant it? You'll need to complete the "Spice Things Up" goal to unlock the Chili Peppers crop, so that you can grow it freely around your Homestead, or you can skip waiting and simply pay 25 Horseshoes to unlock access to it early (you may not see this button appear in your market, if the Birch Goals have yet to launch on your land).

Once you've done that, Chili Peppers can be planted for 47 coins per square, and can be harvested after eight hours. You'll earn 11 XP and 266 coins for each square that you plant, and of course, as you harvest these hot crops, you'll be able to earn items in the new Chili Collection. This Chili Collection is especially important, as its reward can be used back in the Birch Still (see how everything comes full circle? Elton John would be proud).

For finishing the Chili Collection, you'll be able to turn it in to receive a bottle of Extra Hot Chili Hot Sauce. This is one of the two items needed to craft the After Burner drink inside the Birch Still, which is then used to create Red Eye (Daily Bonus refreshers) in the Saloon. Sure, it's a complex series of steps, but just remember to continually plant and harvest Chili Peppers and you should have a full supply of Hot Sauce relatively quickly (here's hoping).

[Top Image Credit: svenwerk]

Will you turn your Homestead into a spicy slice of the west, or will you keep things calm by planting other, previously released crops? Sound off in the comments.