FrontierVille Cheats & Tips: Purchase Roman Candles for free energy

If you're still trying to finish the Canning Master Goals in FrontierVille, or you just wish there was a way to refill your energy bar without spending Food, or even using the meals that you have in your inventory, you can earn a quick energy refill by purchasing Roman Candles from the store.

Released as part of this year's Fourth of July event, the Roman Candle is available to purchase for 950 coins and 10 Wood each. You'll receive 30 XP for each your purchase, which is a great boost in and of itself, but by simply launching one, you'll receive five free Energy as a bonus. Say you purchase ten Roman Candles. You're now looking at 50 free energy, that you didn't spend one single bit of Food to earn. In the process, you've also earned 300 XP - not a bad combo, for the price.

Sure, you'll have to spend a bit of Wood to really get this going, but when you can earn free trees by turning in the Oak and Pine Tree collections, you can simply grow yourself a little forest and have a fairly large supply of Wood over the long-term. While this may not be an incredibly cheap way of earning Energy, if you're the kind of player that simply likes saving as much Food as possible, or doesn't have a stockpile of meals in their inventory, keep this new tip in mind for when you need just a few more energy to complete a task that you're working on, and you don't want to wait.

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Would you purchase bulk amounts of Roman Candles for the free energy that they give off? Do you have any free energy tips to share with your fellow players? Let us here them!
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