Building the FrontierVille Birch Still: Everything you need to know


As we told you earlier today, there's a new "building" of sorts available for construction in FrontierVille, and a new set of goals to go along with it. You'll be able to build a Birch Still to help you create even more strong and magical concoctions inside the Saloon, but of course, before you can get to drinkin', you'll need to build the actually Birch Still on your land.

Once you place the base of the Birch Still, you'll need to whack it five times, with each whack costing seven wood. Then, you'll need to finish its construction by collecting a set of six ingredients: 10 each of Birch Barrels, Glass Jugs, Metal Pipes, Funnels, Pot Belly Stoves and Hot Coals. The Birch Barrels, Glass Jugs and Metal Pipes are earned through individual gift requests sent to friends, while the other three items are earned by simply posting a general request to your wall for all of your neighbors to see.

Once the Birch Still has been completed, you'll be able to craft something called the After Burner inside using Extra Hot Chili bottles and Iron Ores. You can then take those After Burners into your Saloon where they can be mixed with bottles of Butterscotch (that your friends can send you) to create Red Eye drinks. These drinks let you collect any daily bonus twice in one day, which is great for those frequent goals that slow you down for days at a time while waiting for repeated Daily Bonuses to recharge.

We'll make sure to let you know if more items concoctions or drink ingredients are added to either the Saloon or the Birch Still in the future, so keep checking back. In the meantime, check out our complete guide to finishing the Birch Still's goals for something else to keep you busy while on the Homestead!

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What do you think of this Birch Still? Should the Red Eye drink simply have been added to the Saloon without the requirement of an additional "building?" Share your thoughts with us in the comments.