FrontierVille Birch Still Goals: Everything you need to know

FrontierVille Birch Still
FrontierVille Birch Still

A new feature has arrived to spike things up in FrontierVille: The Birch Still. This item allows players to create even more criminal concoctions that offer interesting bonuses like the ability to collect a Daily Bonus twice in one day.

You're definitely going to want to get your hands on this new feature for these attractive boosts, but you'll need to finish four new Goals with a mysterious new character. Luckily for you, we have all the information you'll need right here.

Hair O' The Dog

  • Tend 25 Chickens

  • Collect 10 Dog Hair

  • Mix 1 Concoction

The 25 Chickens, if you don't already own them, will cost 1,875 Coins. The Dog Hair looks to be an item collected from friends, and the Concoction is made within the Still. Finish this Goal and receive 300 XP, 200 Coins and one Fruit Punch.

Spice Things Up

  • Harvest 100 Tomatoes

  • Collect 3 Venom Vials

  • Collect 1 Bonus from the Birch Still

The 100 Tomatoes will cost you 2,500 Coins and take at least 15 minutes to harvest. The three Venom Vials must be found by clobbering Snakes, so don't turn in your Snake Collection--and the Bonus from the Still is self-explanatory. Do this and enjoy 500 XP, 400 Coins and a brand new crop: Chili Peppers.

Birch Still inside
Birch Still inside

Still at Large

  • Harvest 80 Chili Peppers

  • Collect 15 Groundhog Guts

  • Craft 1 After Burner

Mysterious FrontierVille character
Mysterious FrontierVille character

The 80 Chili Peppers will go for 3,760 Coins and take at least eight hours to harvest if you have 80 plots. Again, it seems that the 15 Groundhog Guts will take some serious clobbering, so don't turn in your Groundhog Collection just yet.

The After Burner is a drink made in the Still that requires Chili Peppers and Iron Ore. Finish these tasks for 700 XP, 600 Coins and the Red Eye concoction unlocked.

The Taste of Victory

  • Feed 20 Adult Goats on your Homestead

  • Harvest 60 Corn

  • Consume 1 Red Eye

If you don't already own 20 Adult Goats, they'll cost you a total of 3,900 Coins and take at least 10 hours to mature into adults. Harvesting 60 Corn will cost you 13,500 Coins and take a minimum of 12 hours to complete.

Now that you've unlocked the Red Eye, just drink one and this Goal is finished. Enjoy a sweet 900 XP, 800 Coins and five Poker Cards for finishing this set of Goals.

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Have you started the Birch Still Goals yet? What do you think of this brand new feature, and how long will it occupy you until pangs for the Pioneer Trail start again? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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