CityVille: Expand your land faster by purchasing Zoning Permit Bundles


By now, we're probably all familiar with the fact that expanding our land in CityVille has become a fairly time-consuming process. Unless you're constantly adding new citizens to your town, or asking your friends for Zoning Permits, you'll have a heck of a time adding more space to your town, but luckily, Zynga has addressed one of those issues by making Zoning Permits available for purchase in bundles.

There are four bundles available to purchase, but unfortunately, all of them cost City Cash. Still, the option to be able to instantly reach your next expansion's qualifications is nice, so take a look at the packages that are available.

5 Zoning Permits - 15 City Cash
10 Zoning Permits - 28 City Cash
20 Zoning Permits - 54 City Cash
40 Zoning Permits - 98 City Cash

98 City Cash is definitely a huge number, but if you're desperate to expand, I suppose it could be worse. Still, perhaps with enough encouragement we'll see some coin bundles released. Sure, it's a long-shot, but stranger things have happened!

Will you purchase any Zoning Permits in CityVille, or are you fine waiting for your friends to send them to you at their own pace? Sound off in the comments.