Cafe World Picnic at the Park Catering Order: Everything you need to know

With summer comes tons of outdoor activities and fun in the sun, but if you're still in the mood to cook up a virtual dish or two, a new catering order has launched in Cafe World that will bring the outside fun in! The Picnic at the Park Catering Order is now available on the last page of your Catering Truck.

With this Catering Order comes five tasks, three of which require cooking. You'll need to serve Ranch Beans (a 15-minute dish) 375 times, Red Burritos (a five-hour dish) 115 times, and Corned Beef (a four-hour dish) 115 times. All things considered, these cooking tasks don't appear to be as difficult as those we've seen in other orders, which is definitely a relief. Sure, serving Ranch Beans almost 400 times will be time consuming, but its short cooking time is manageable. Can you imagine if you had to serve 375 servings of a dish that took a full day to cook?!

To help you complete these cooking tasks on time, you can bring up to 13 of your friends in on this order. What they can't help you with, though, will be your two collection tasks. You'll need to collect 14 Picnic Blankets and 16 Folding Chairs. This is done by clicking on the Ask button and sending out individual requests to friends.

If you can complete these five steps within the first five days of starting the order, you'll receive the top score of three-stars, along with 10 Catering Points, 3,500 Cafe Points, 75,000 coins and the Cranberry Casserole recipe. This exclusive recipe can only be earned (as of this writing) by earning three stars on this order, so keep that in mind. If you come up short of the five day mark (or late, if you prefer), but can still finish within a week, you'll earn two stars, 6 Catering Points, 2,500 Cafe Points, and 50,000 coins. Finally, if you finish the order at any time after the first week of starting it, you'll receive a single star, 3 Catering Points, 1,500 Cafe Points and 30,000 coins.

Remember, you can retry retry this order if you happen to miss out on the Cranberry Casserole the first time, so don't feel too much pressure if this is your first go with the catering feature. With enough patience, I know you'll get it done!

Do you like the requirements of this Picnic at the Park Catering Order, or are they too difficult / simple for you to want to spend your time on it? Let us know in the comments.