The Angry Birds movie is real, not coming until 2014 ... at least

Angry Birds Movie
Angry Birds Movie

According to former Marvel Studios chairman David Maisel, the Angry Birds movie is, in fact, happening. In an interview with Variety, Maisel revealed that franchise creator Rovio has hired him on a adviser and said, "There has been so much chatter about an Angry Birds movie, but now it's real. The process is starting now."

Rovio's recent purchase, a Finnish animation studio known as Kombo, will man the project. But first, the studio will create several short films starring the irate avian creatures that will act as foundation for the feature film.

And, according to Variety, Rovio has been clear in its intent to become the next Pixar. However, Rovio and Maisel don't expect the flick to release before 2014, according to The Telegraph.

This all begs the question: Will Angry Birds even be relevant three years from now? We've already seen mobile gaming (and Facebook game) hits come and go--Zynga pushes its own games out of the limelight regularly. While Rovio invests far more in expanding its brand, we're just wary of whether the company can sustain the fandom for another 1,095 days ... at least.

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