Lunchtime Poll: Should adult-themed Facebook games be banned?

Facebook and kids
Facebook and kids

FarmVille and CityVille might be all sunshine and rainbows, but there are some dark horse Facebook games out there. (Mafia Wars, anyone?) Just last week, Mark Ecko's very own game design studio released a Facebook game surrounding Weeds, the hit Showtime show revolving around a pot-dealing soccer mom in Calif.

The game has players growing and selling their own marijuana, which is of course a controversial--and illegal--drug.When the news broke of the game's release, a similar game titled Pot Farm inexplicably shut down.

Our comments exploded with furious players assuming that Facebook had shut down the game for reference to illegal substances, but hours later it returned with no explanation. Of course, that scenario was unlikely considering the company just cleared a second pot-pushing Facebook game.

However, it's not out of Facebook's hands to remove a game due to its contents. In fact, its platform policy clearly states that developers must not promote a number of lewd and illegal activities. Some of which even Zynga has violated in games like Zynga Poker and Mafia Wars. And with up to five million underage Facebook users that have just barely hit double digits, it's rightfully a cause for concern. Many a player have already cried out in response to what Facebook allows on its platform, so we ask you:

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