FarmVille Mystery Game (07/03/11): Water items look good enough to swim in


Boy, it's a scorcher out there. Wouldn't you love to be able to escape the summer hear by jumping into a cool pool or other body of water? Well, your FarmVille avatar can do just that, at least in your imagination, via this week's Mystery Game, offering new water-themed items.

This week's Mystery Game costs 16 Farm Cash to play, which brings us back to the "normal" price point that we've seen in the past (that is, it's not entirely uncommon to see a Mystery Game cost 20 Farm Cash per dart or more). For that price, you'll recieve a chance at one of the following items:

Bella Fountain
Chateau Pond
English Fountain
Spring Koi Pond
Tropical Waterfall
Zen Fountain

Remember, the item you may or may not receive is totally random, so you might want to earn some free darts by purchasing Zynga Game Cards rather than simply buying darts outright. That way, if you don't end up with the item you wanted to win, you'll at least have more Farm Cash to keep trying (or to buy other goodies).

Which of these Water-themed items are you most hoping to win from this week's Mystery Game? Let us know in the comments.