FarmVille: Sartre Guava and Soursop Trees continue the Mexican theme

For fans of the current Mexican item theme in FarmVille, you'll be excited to know that the theme has expanded this evening with the release of two new trees: the Sartre Guava Tree and Soursop Tree. Both of these trees cost Farm Cash, with Soursop Trees being the level 1, 5 Farm Cash tree and the Sartre Guava Tree going for 10 Farm Cash.

Of course, as you might have expected, you don't have to actually purchase the Sartre Guava Tree to have one on your farm, as you'll be able to find one or more for free through Mystery Seedlings, either claimed from friends' news feed posts, or grown in your own Orchards. Both of these trees will be available in the game's store for only the next two weeks, so you'll need to pick up at least the Soursop Tree to have the guarantee of eventually having one on your farm.

What do you think of these two Mexican trees? Will you purchase one or both for your farm(s)? Let us know in the comments.

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