FarmVille July 4th Decorations: It's never too late to celebrate America


While it may already be July 4th in some time zones in the US, that hasn't stopped Zynga from releasing even more decorations in the current July 4th limited edition item theme in FarmVille. To be specific, a set of new decorations has been released that will allow you to add some real bulk to your landscaping with an actual building (themed, of course).

That particular building is the July Cottage, priced at 300,000 coins. That may be a high price tag, but this building is completely themed, even having a flag on the roof! Other decorations include a July Fountain for 15 Farm Cash, a July Firework for 3 Farm Cash. Take note about those fireworks - they're a single use item, that will disappear from your farm after you manually launch it. You'll be able to do this by first purchasing a July Firework, and then clicking on the item on your farm and choosing the launch option.

This trio of new decorations will be available for the next two weeks, so if you're too busy celebrating America in the real world this 4th of July, know that you'll still have plenty of time to do so after the fact on your farm.

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What do you think of this newest set of July 4th decorations? Will you purchase a July Cottage even with the item's high price tag? Let us know in the comments.