FarmVille: July Balloon Trees are so fun, you'll hope they never pop


As part of tonight's FarmVille update, we've seen the launch of two new trees in the current July 4th item theme. With the Fourth of July being upon us, it's only fitting that we've been given some additional items to create the finishing touches on the theme on our farms.

These two trees are the July Balloon Tree and Big July Balloon Tree. For those keeping score, these trees do seem to be nothing but re-colorings of the original Balloon trees released some time ago, but with red, white and blue balloons rather than any other color. The original July Balloon Tree costs 5 Farm Cash, while the larger version goes for 10. Remember, if you want to save some Farm Cash, you can wait for the Big July Balloon Tree to spawn from Mystery Seedlings, as you're likely to eventually come upon one or more if you're an active tree breeder.

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Will you purchase either of these July 4th-themed trees for your farm? Let us know in the comments.