FarmVille Pic of the Day: TsubasaM's Island Paradise

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Folks, doing the FarmVille Pic of the Day means I've checked out hundreds of farms. Even so, I don't think I've ever seen an epic island farm like TsubasaM's. FarmVille Forum member, TsubasaM, set out to design a luxurious island farm resort. I think we can safely say that TsubasaM accomplished that goal.

TsubasaM's island farm has a number of noteworthy features. But together, these details form such a cohesive and solid picture, you don't realize they're there. For example the raft made of items floating off the western coast. Or the excellent optical illusions used to create a bridge over the ocean. Note TsubasaM's attention to detail, placing shadows under objects raised above the water. Even the careful placement of items to create the mountain effect is subtly done. The waves created with white hay bales are also a nice detail to break up an otherwise flat blue expanse.

Great work TsubasaM, you've created an island farm I would willingly visit any time. See what TsubasaM had to say about the farm design:
What inspired your creative farm design?
When English country farm came out, I wanted my home farm to be connected with the English farm. I was planning to have my home farm island with mostly just exotic animals like a zoo and the bridge to connect to English farm where my farming will be.

How did you create the wonderful crop and hay bale art? Was it difficult?
With the island farm, I wanted to give the illusion of waves in the water. It still needs some fine tuning, but I'm pleased with the outcome so far. With the island itself, I wanted to have that mountain-like look with a resort in the corner and to incorporate some farming along the design. I had the more difficulty creating my island farm than my EC farm (which will feature in the next few days). The island definitely still needs some organization as I mixed a lot of concepts into one small island.

How long did it take you to complete the design?
The Island farm took about a day to finish. I was losing alot of patience so I would go on in and out of designing my farm every couple of hours.

What do you guys think of TsubasaM's island farm?

If you have an AWESOME FarmVille farm that you want to see featured on, please email a picture to, Include a few words about the inspiration for your design and maybe a few tips for people who need an assist!
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