Civ World open beta launches next week on Facebook; get ready to conquer all


2K Games and Firaxis have announced that the highly anticipated open beta for Civ World on Facebook will launch next week! Now, don't freak out gamers, but this is pretty big news. We've been covering the game extensively leading up to this open beta launch, and share in many players' excitement about its launch.

Civ World looks to be the most accessbile Civilization game ever released, with persistent gameplay with team work between players, as experienced players share tips and world domination strategies with their less experienced friends. You'll be able to work with friends to research technologies, build grand ancient wonders, and work together with military units as you choose which enemy civilization to invade next.

We'll make sure to give you a complete look at the game's open beta when it launches next week, so keep checking back with us!

Are you looking forward to playing Civ World on Facebook? Do you think the Civilization gameplay ideology will translate well to Facebook, or is it more suited for a single-player experience? Sound off in the comments.