FrontierVille Patriotic Mystery Animal Crate: Uncle Sam would be proud


While buying trees and decorations is a great way to give your Homestead that Fourth of July feel in FrontierVille, a way to really make statement is by adding themed animals. If you agree, you can now do just that by purchasing the Patriotic Crate from the game's store. This Mystery Animal Crate comes stocked with three animals, all of which have been dressed up either as Uncle Sam, or at least in the red, white and blue theme.

For the price of 50 Horseshoes, you'll be able to purchase a single crate containing either an Alpaca, Chameleon or Himalayan Cow. Which one is the best? They're all cute in their own way, but if you ask which one is the most decorated, I'd have to go with Alpaca - just look at his cute coat and top hat!

There doesn't seem to be a time limit for how long you can purchase these crates, but I wouldn't expect them to stick around any longer than the end of July at the latest.

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Will you purchase a Patriotic Mystery Animal Crate? Which of the three animals are you hoping to find inside? Let us know in the comments.