FrontierVille: Finish the Fourth of July Collection for an Eagle Statue and free XP


To help further flesh out the game's July 4th celebration, Zynga has launched the new Fourth of July collection in FrontierVille. Not to be confused with the Independence Day collection, which is retired, this Fourth of July collection requires you to acquire five all-new items. Luckily, you don't have to do anything special to earn them. That is, you can increase your chances of earning these items by collecting the Daily Bonus from the new Fireworks Stand, but you can also earn them by simply completing tasks around the Homestead as normal.

Here's what to look out for as a bonus pop-up item:

Patriotic Ribbons
Tiny Flag
Picnic Basket
Flag Cake
Uncle Sam Hat

Once you've collected these five items, you'll be able to turn in the collection for an Eagle Statue and 200 XP. That's a pretty nice amount of XP, considering the relative ease with which we should be able to repeatedly complete this collection, so I'd make sure to trade it in fast and often (where applicable) before (in case) they decide to change the prize to something less desirable later on.

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What do you think of the prizes in this Fourth of July collection in FrontierVille? Will you play on your Homestead more frequently than normal this weekend to try and complete it more than once? Let us know in the comments.