FrontierVille: Fireworks Badges reward you for blowing stuff up


If you've ever wanted to blow something up, you can now do so in FrontierVille (only virtually, I'm afraid), and you'll actually be rewarded for doing so. As part of the new Fireworks Stand feature, you can now earn a series of four Badges that reward you for launching more and more fireworks crafted inside the building proper. As we told you before, you can find the ingredients to craft fireworks either by simply working around the Homestead, or asking your friends to send them to you (where available).

As you set off these fireworks, you'll earn points towards this new Badge, with the first level - Star Student - being available after you've set off just five. Here's the complete rundown of what you'll need to do to earn the rest:

Level 2: Shell Worker - Set of 25 Fireworks
Level 3: Mortar Packer - Set off 100 Fireworks
Level 4: Pyro Boss - Set off 500 fireworks

Of course, there's a fairly large jump to get from 5 to 500, but I suppose with enough diligence you could finish off these badges before the Fourth of July event ends on July 21. Just remember to not blow up your Fireworks Stand if you plan on crafting this many, or you'd have to rebuild it all over again (and as we all know, wasting time isn't very fun).

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Will you go for the final, 500 fireworks Badge in FrontierVille, or is that simply too high of a number to require from us in such a short amount of time? Sound off in the comments.