FarmVille Sneak Peek: July 4th Fireworks, Cottage, Balloon Trees and more


This weekend looks to expand on the July 4th theme in FarmVille, as FarmVillePro has discovered images of a few new decorative items, plus new trees! It should be noted that these item images are (as of this writing) no longer available, but we don't expect that to alter their release.

The new items look to be a set of July Fireworks, a July Fountain (will likely cost Farm Cash), a July Cottage, and two trees: the July Balloon Tree and Giant July Balloon Tree. Yes, yet again, we're seeing a re-coloring of a previously released tree, but this time the balloons are perfectly themed in red, white and blue. They'll likely cost 5 and 10 Farm Cash each, respectively. As for the Fireworks, we can see that item costing 1-3 Farm Cash.

We'd take an educated guess that these items will launch in the game's store on Sunday evening, and you can believe we'll be there to give you a complete rundown when / if they do.

[Image Credit: FarmVillePro]

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What do you think of these July 4th items? Will you purchase the two July Balloon Trees even if they are just re-released trees in different colors? Sound off in the comments.