FarmVille Sneak Peek: Mexican Restaurant, Chichen Itza, Charro Gnome and more


With tomorrow's expected FarmVille update, it looks like the Mexico theme will continue in a big way, with new animals, trees, decorations and more becoming available. Thanks to FarmVillePro, there are images of these unreleased items that are no longer available through other means as of this writing.

We know there will be two new trees: the Sartre Guava Tree and the Soursop Tree, along with new animals in the form of the Charro Horse and Lucha Libre Pig (just look at how cute he is!). For other items, you'll be able to purchase the Mexican Restaurant or Chichen Itza. Finally, new decorations like the Cow Statue an Cactus Flowerbed will also be available, along with a Charro Gnome.

All told, it looks like there will be a few items that cost coins (perhaps the Mexican Restaurant or Cactus Flowerbed?), but I can definitely see some of these costing Farm Cash as well - particularly the Charro Gnome, as gnomes tend to always cost 15 Farm Cash or more. Either way, we'll make sure to give you a complete rundown of these items as they become available, so keep checking back with us.

[Image Credit: FarmVillePro]

What do you think of these Mexican themed decorations, animals, and trees? Will you purchase any of them for use in tricking out your farm in this new theme? Sound off in the comments.