FarmVille: Double Mastery on now for Fourth of July weekend


While it may have been turned on later than I expected, Zynga has finally come through in FarmVille, turning on Double Mastery for this July 4th weekend. From now until Monday evening at 9PM Pacific, you'll be able to earn double the mastery points on every single crop and tree harvested.

Don't stop there though - remember to take extra advantage of this event by adding bushels to your crop harvesting for triple mastery! Just think - if a crop takes 1,000 points to master the next star, you'll only have to grow a third of that to actually reach that number! For those who purchased the Star Flowers permit from the store, this is particularly exciting as you'll be much more likely to reach the goal of full crop mastery before your permit expires in a week's time.

No matter what you do with this event (that is, whether you focus on trees, crops or both), it definitely makes the game just a bit more exciting this Fourth of July weekend, which is all we can really ask for.

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Which crops and trees will you try to master in this Double Mastery event? Did you purchase the Star Flowers permit, and will use this time to master that crop? Let us know in the comments.