FrontierVille's Fourth of July items celebrate the Red, White, and Blue


If the Fireworks Stand (and the accompanying Goals) aren't enough to fully satisfy your patriotism in FrontierVille, you can now go on a shopping spree in the store for some returning patriotic trees, along with some new decorations celebrating the Fourth of July.

First, here's something that comes with a bit of pros and cons: the colored Cherry Trees have been re-released to the game, (well, the Liberty Cherry Tree has been renamed the Blue Cherry Tree), but these trees now cost coins, rather than Horseshoes. That's a great thing, as you can pick up a single tree (Red, White, Blue or Green) for less than 1700 coins, but if you're one of the players that purchased these trees for 15 Horseshoes last year, I can see how you'd be a bit upset.

Elsewhere, you can also pick up a Parade Float for 8 Horseshoes, some Sparklers for 6 Horseshoes, or a Statue of Liberty for 24 Horseshoes. There are even returning decorations like the Liberty Bell and Liberty Cannon that can be purchased for 25 and 45 Horseshoes, respectively. Again, these prices are incredibly lower than what they were last year, so now's the time to purchase if you held off last July.

Some of these items, like the trees and Liberty Bell, are limited edition, only being available in the game's store for the next 19 days. Sure, that gives you plenty of time to purchase them, but if you wait for the holiday itself to pass, they really won't have the same ring, will they?

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Will you stock up on these limited edition Cherry Trees now that they don't cost Horseshoes to purchase? What about the Liberty Bell? Let us know in the comments.