Building the FrontierVille Fireworks Stand: Everything you need to know


Earlier today, we brought you the news that the Fireworks Stand had launched in FrontierVille to celebrate the Fourth of July. Well, now that the building has started rolling out to more users, we can bring you a complete guide to actually building one on your own Homestead.

First, you can either place the building when prompted by an in-game pop-up, or you can simply purchase the Stand from the market for around 1700 coins. From there, you'll need to whack the base five times, with each whack costing five wood. As usual, your work is just beginning at this point, as you'll then be tasked with collecting six building materials: 10 each of Scrap Wood, Small Flags and Banners, and eight each of Stock Labels, No Smoking Signs and Canopies. The first three items are earned by simply posting a general request to your news feed, while the latter trio is acquired by sending out individual item requests to friends.

Once you complete the Fireworks Stand, you'll be able to craft fireworks within the building using various recipes. The items used to create fireworks, like Firework Shells and Firework Fuses, can be found by completing tasks around your own Homestead, or you can ask your friends to send these items to you, whenever the "Ask for More" button happens to be available.

Once you have crafted enough fireworks to create what you think is a great show, you'll be able to ask for Matches, and three helpers, to set the whole thing ablaze. Yes, you read that correctly - you're not just setting off your fireworks, you're destroying the entire Fireworks Stand! You'll be able to rebuild the stand and craft more fireworks, but as the building will only be available until July 21, you might have time to only do this once or twice, so plan accordingly beforehand.

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Will you go through this entire process only to destroy your Fireworks Stand at the end? Or, will you try to save this building (therefore not wasting your work or item requests) even after the event has ended? Sound off in the comments.