Cop Who Allegedly Tear-Gassed BBQ Gets Grilled and Smoked

job interview Remember the story about the cop who tossed a teargas canister at his rivals during a Houston Rodeo barbecue cook-off last February? Well, the verdict is finally in on his punishment: He's been fired like a rack of raw baby-backs -- canned like a batch of baked beans.

The officer in question, Mike Hamby, 52, a senior police officer with the burglary and theft division of the Houston Police Department, was officially relieved of duty on June 17. He had been on indefinite suspension for the past several months, according to the Houston Chronicle. He has also resigned from the board of the Houston Police Officer's Union.

Although it's likely Hamby was just clowning around when he reportedly threw teargas into the tent of his team's rivals, the Fayette County Cookers, the situation was exacerbated by the fact that the powerful chemical irritant reached two amputees who were military veterans, brought to the event in wheelchairs.

Hamby still insists that he was not responsible for tossing the teargas. It's confirmed that he was off duty, and not even working security at the event.

Hamby now has several options. Since he was sworn in as a Houston police officer in December 1980, and has racked up more than 20 years of service, he can quietly retire without contesting the decision of Chief Charles McClelland. Alternately, he can file an appeal with the Police Officer's Civil Service Commission, or even ask for an independent review by a hearing examiner. Hamby is not commenting yet on whether or not he will allow his distinguished career to go up in smoke.

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