CityVille July 4th Quests: Everything you need to know


To celebrate the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, Zynga has released a series of quests in CityVille that will introduce you to a series of new businesses, among other things. The first quest in this series is called "Brain Freeze," and it will help you unlock the Ice Cream Parlor business. Here's what you'll need to do to unlock it:

Collect from City Hall 2 Times
Have 2 Strawberry Collection Items
Get 3 Baseball Caps

When you complete this quest, you will unlock access to purchasing an Ice Cream Parlor from the store for just 2,200 coins. That's not a bad price, all things considered.

Next comes the Four Scoops of Freedom quest:

Build and Supply Ice Cream Parlor
Collect from Ice Cream Parlor 5 Times
Harvest 45 Watermelon

Watermelon take four hours to grow, so you'll plenty of time for your Ice Cream Parlor to run out of goods five times so you can resupply it. Each resupply costs 70 Goods. Finishing this quest gives you the Liberty Bell item.

Quest number three is called Red, White & BBQ and it asks you to deal with one older business in particular.

Collect from Burger Joint 4 Times
Send 30 Tour Buses to Burger Joints
Get 10 Packages of Hot Dogs

You'll need to ask your friends for help with the Hot Dog portion of this goal, while simply visiting friends and clicking on their Burger Joints will add up to your tally of 30 tour buses in total. Remember, if you don't have enough friends to add up to 30 Burger Joints, just come back the next day and repeat the process until you do have enough. For your efforts here, you'll unlock the Fireworks Tent, another business, but this one costing City Cash.

Finally, you'll come to the quest called Light the Fuse, which deals with fireworks and a bit of fireworks safety.

Collect from Emergency Clinic(s) 5 Times
Supply a Fireworks Shop 10 Times
Get 5 Boxes of Sparklers

Don't panic here players. You don't need to build or supply a Fireworks Tent in your city (a new business that costs City Cash to place); rather, you'll need to supply the Fireworks Shop, released back in the Lunar New Year celebration, so your City Cash is safe. Finishing this goal unlocks yet another business to you: the Barbeque Restaurant, that costs just 2,500 coins to build from the store. Of course, as this is the end of the quest line, you don't technically have to build one, but the cost is fairly low if you do wish to.

All told, these quests don't really seem to be too difficult, but perhaps more time consuming in the case of supplying the same business 10 times. Just remember, if you only supply that one business, and leave the rest of your businesses ready to be cashed out, all of your citizens will clamor for this one location, and you can complete such tasks much more quickly. Happy July 4th!

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What do you think of these Fourth of July goals in CityVille? Do you think more could have been done to specifically cater them to the holiday? Sound off in the comments.