CityVille: Throw a July 4th cookout, complete with fireworks


If you're planning on spending any time indoors over this upcoming Fourth of July holiday weekend, Zynga hopes that you'll spend some of that time playing CityVille, as they have released a whole set of themed items that scream of backyard barbecues and fireworks celebrations.

There are two new businesses to purchase for coins (that is, once you unlock them by completing the accompanying 4th of July goals): an Ice Cream Parlor for 2,200 coins and a Barbecue Restaurant for 2,500 coins. The Ice Cream Parlor will give your citizens a chance to buy some sweet treats, so long as you supply it with 70 Goods. You'll earn 308 coins in return. As for the Barbecue Restaurant, you'll need to stock the business with 75 Goods (probably napkins) to receive a 338 coin payout in return.

If you have some City Cash to spare, you can purchase a third business - the Fireworks Tent - for 30 City Cash. This one requires a whopping 200 Goods to open, but you'll receive 920 coins as profit in return.

For new decorations, you can purchase a Bean Bag Toss for 10 City Cash (offers a 6% bonus payout), a Horseshoe Pit for 15 City Cash (9% bonus payout), a Barbecue for 1,000 coins (4% bonus payout) or an American Flag for 20 coins (2% bonus payout). There are even three different flower patches that come in the expected colors: red, white, and blue. A patch of each single color costs just 50 coins, with each patch offering a single 1% in bonus to surrounding buildings.

Finally, a new home comes in the form of the Boat Driveway House. While this home has a funny name, it basically just means that you're purchasing a house that happens to have a boat parked in the driveway. You can purchase a single Boat Driveway House for 25,000 coins. It starts with 150 citizens in population, and can be expanded to 250 citizens over time.

All told, it's great to see so many items released for coins, when the game seemed to have taken a turn for the worse in that respect over the past few weeks. I, for one, will be glad to see this sort of balance return in the future.

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Which of these new decorations, businesses and homes will you add to your city in CityVille? Let us know in the comments!