Top 10 Free iOS and Android Games -- June 2011

Angry Birds Free
Angry Birds Free

So, you're going away for July 4th weekend, and you'll be in the car for hours on that trip to the beach, or worse, grandma's house. If you have an iOS or Android device, we've get you covered with this month's top 10 free games for iOS and Android devices.

And believe it or not, but there are some unique, original surprises on this list among the regulars (i.e. Angry Birds). Just click on each game's title to see it in its respective Android or iOS marketplace.

Top 10 Free iOS Games:

1. Cars 2 Lite
Aw, and just in time for the movie (which we here ain't doing so hot)! Join the beat-up tow truck, Mater, in thee free levels of what developer Disney calls "platform racing." Players must leap over obstacles to maintain speed and collect power-ups to win across locations inspired by the movie.

2. Line Birds
Alright, so some form of birds made it onto the list, and this time it's OpenFeint's free game of the day. So, grab it quick, if you want a free game from the creators of the famous Line Jumper, Robert Szeleney and Heiko Hufnagl. Guide five different birds each with unique abilities across dangerous landscapes, avoiding the thick lines and obstacles in between.

3. Hanging with Friends Free
C'mon, you knew this one was coming. Experience Zynga's next big hit on the App Store from Zynga Mobile, a fresh take on Hang Man with fun graphics, interesting abilities and several forms of multiplayer. We've already previewed this game, so check out our full impressions for more details.

4. Age of Wind
Everyone loves pirates, right? (Ninja suck ... there, I said it.) In Age of Wind by Dmitry Burlakov, sail your very own vessel, explore 21 uncharted islands and battle with other pirate ships. Players can even rob helpless caravans to grab upgrades for their ships or resources to buy 17 new wooden maidens. Sometimes it feels good to be bad.

Super World Adventures
Super World Adventures

5. Tiny Tower
This adorably nostalgic mobile social game by NimbleBit (pictured right) allows you to create a tiny tower, manage its businesses and take care for the "Bitizens" that live inside. The idea of the game isn't a stretch from Facebook games like Hotel City, but it's the retro aesthetic and features like the BitBook, an in-game social network, that might set it apart.

6. Escape 3D: The Jail
Freedom is what motivates you in this free puzzle game from You've been thrown into a cell for a crime you didn't commit, and now you must break free. Find, use, and combine anything you can get your thumbs on to break out of the slammer.

Tiny Tower
Tiny Tower

7. Racing Penguin

Hey, this game looks a lot like Tiny Wings, no? At any rate, this racing games tasks you with keeping momentum as you slide down hills and fly into the air off of them. You're not just maintaining speed for points, but to keep away from a visibly hungry polar bear.

8. Angry Birds Lite
Can any more really be said about Angry Birds by Rovio? Shame on you if you've yet to download this game. But we'll forgive you if you decide to give it a whirl this weekend.

9. Super World Adventures
With a name that vague, who would know what you'll be up to in this game by Triniti Interactive (pictured above)? Anyway, you must control the lumberjack Ritchie as he journeys to retrieve his stolen lunchbox and axe across classic platformer-style levels. In fact, this might be closest you'll get to Super Mario on iOS, so dive right in.

10. Jumping Jack and the Beanstalk
In this artfully-drawn game by Nexon Mobile and Magic Cube, you are Jack. (You know, from the ubiquitous fairy tale?) Jump up the giant beanstalk by tilting your device and tapping at just the right times. Then, show off your highest climbs in the Game Center.

Top 10 Free Android Games:

1. Angry Birds
'Nuff said.

2. Words With Friends Free
This take on the classic wordsmith game, Scrabble, has been around for quite some time. But when Zynga bought Newtoy this year to form Zynga With Friends, the game exploded yet again. Enjoy real-time text chat so you trash talk you friends after that 72-point triple word score.

3. Angry Birds Rio
Again? Seriously, this just isn't fair to the rest.

4. Angry Birds Seasons
You've got to be kidding me. Hell, why not just download all three and have an Angry Birds marathon this weekend?

Drag Racing
Drag Racing

5. ShakyTower
This physics-based puzzle game by HyperBees (pictured below), you must build towers out of simple blocks while mastering gravity by swaying your and avoiding a litany of obstacles. Master the art of balance across over 100 hundred levels as you destroy whatever is in your way, including some "cheeky" varieties of blocks.

6. Bubble Blast 2
Magma Mobile created Bubble Blast 2 for once purpose: to emulate the awesomeness that is bubble wrap. OK, that might be a stretch, but you will have to set off chain reactions that clear all the bubbles of off your screen in increasingly more challenging combinations and levels.


7. Drag Racing

Put the pedal to your ... fingers in this touch-based racing game by Creative Mobile (pictured above). Players will get behind the wheel of several real-life vehicles as you make the competition eat your dust alone or online. With your winnings, you can soup up your existing whips or buy new ones.

8. 3D Bowling
Italy Games brings the top free bowling experience to Android phones with touch-based controls, 3D graphics and the craziest bowling allies you've ever seen. You can even gesture the ball to curve just right for that next strike.

9. Blast Monkeys
Thanks to Yobonja, your dreams of blasting monkeys through cannons has come true. (What? I can't be the only one.) Send monkeys flying through each stage to collect all the bananas. In later levels, you'll have to navigate your monkey through a list of obstacles to get that delicious yellow fruit.

10. Mouse Trap
No, this isn't a mobile rendition of the classic board game, but a puzzle game from Magma Mobile. Your job is to guide this poor mouse through 1,200 levels that require you to flex some brain muscles to get all the Coins in each puzzle. Use those Coins to unlock even more brain busters.

[Image Credits: Apple, Google]

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