Social game creators gaga for Google Plus already (is Facebook that bad ?)

Google Plus
Google Plus

Apparently so, considering several heads of major social game studios are already interested in what Google Plus can do for their games, Gamasutra reports. Google's next answer to Facebook just launched its invite-only closed beta tests of the Plus service, and the monolithic search and web apps company has yet to make a peep about how Google Games is to fit in all this. Though, we're sure it will now (somehow) that developers are going gaga for Google Plus mere days after its release.

What's most interesting to developers like Kabam and publishers like RockYou is the Circles feature in Google Plus. Circles are customized groups for friends to share information that are tailored toward specific interests.It does have the potential for games shared through it to go viral throughout connected Circles, but again we don't even know how games fit in this equation.

While Kabam Ceo Kevin Chou is visibly cautious, he said, "In terms of whether or not the platform can eventually be a great place for games -- and specifically for Kabam... -- I think it's certainly something we're heavily evaluating, should we decide to go head in that direction."

However, publishers like RockYou have an insider view on Google's game(s) plan, and have already hinted that RockYou will work with Google on future game projects. RockYou SVP Jonathan Knight said to Gamasutra, "People who play games on social networks typically have groups of people they play games with, who don't necessarily overlap with 'true' friends they see socially."

But, Facebook has been doing that for months now, no? While I'm admittedly skeptical of Google Plus (I am not in the beta currently) based on its work with Buzz and that "+1" button, this could certainly work if stretched over the Chrome Web Store, the Android Market and anywhere else games are sold through Google.

However, it's interesting that developers are so interested in another platform just as Facebook prepares to drop an Iron Curtain around its social game ecosystem, reportedly controlling developers' pricing on other platforms so as to keep them inside. Perhaps developers are right to run away, but who is to say Google would never impose the same restrictions? Now with Google Plus as its secret weapon, we'll be watching Google Games rather closely.

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